• Many have made progress in their career in the past year.
  • Most did get a pay increase as compared to they year before.
  • People do generally feel that companies are supportive of their career growth.
  • In the coming year, people are trying to learn new skills.
  • However, most are comfortable staying within their own IC or management track.
  • Many are on the look out for a new job.

Levelling progress

Over half have made progress in the past year with their careers.
This means they had good opportunities to grow and get better jobs.
However, a significant portion of the respondents indicated that they had not made progress in job levelling, which could indicate potential challenges and obstacles that designers face in their careers.

Increased pay

Most people have gotten an increase in their pay in the past year.
31.8% have increased their pay by more than 15%, likely down to job change.
21.3% did not receive any pay increase, resulting in a pay cut when inflation is considered.

Company support

People slightly agree that their companies are helping them grow.
The average score of 4.54 indicates relatively neutral sentiment. This suggests that while some respondents feel optimistic about their company's support for their career growth, a significant number of respondents either disagree or feel ambivalent about the level of support they receive.
About half of the designers who took the survey feel okay (scored 5 or 6 out of 7) about their company's support for their career growth. But a significant number of them either disagree or don't care much (scored 1 to 4 out of 7). This means that many designers across Asia may not be getting the help they need from their employers to advance their careers.

Learning new discipline

More people are trying to explore a different discipline and pick up new skills at work.
The average sentiment score of 4.34 suggests that most of the designers surveyed have a moderately optimistic outlook on the prospect of trying a different primary area of work in the coming year.
Most of them feel somewhat optimistic about the idea, but some are not interested. This means that some designers want to grow or find a better work environment.

Switching career track

People are generally comfortable staying in their IC or management track.
The sentiment scores for responses 1 and 2 are higher than the average, indicating that a relatively large number of respondents would rather avoid switching roles in the coming year. This could be because they are satisfied with their current roles or feel they need to be ready or qualified for a new position.
Fewer respondents are actively trying to switch from management to IC.

Job searching

People are actively looking out for new jobs.
Over half of the respondents are open to switching jobs or changing companies in the coming year.
However, it is worth noting that a significant portion of respondents (44%) neither strongly agreed nor disagreed with the statement, indicating a level of uncertainty or ambivalence towards the idea of changing jobs.


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