• Most are university graduates.
  • Formal design education is the most popular choice.
  • Education isn’t a barrier to getting a job.
  • Designers are mostly based locally.

Highest level of education

Designers are mostly university graduates.
The majority of respondents are highly educated in the traditional sense, with the majority having a bachelor's degree, master's or diploma.

Design education

Formal design education is the most popular choice.
Most respondents have gone through formal design education from traditional educational institutions.
Many designers have also opted for online certifications and bootcamps to acquire the necessary skills.
A significant number of designers have yet to have formal design education.
This shows that design education is not a hard requirement to get employed in a design role.

Design education combination

For design education, having one is sufficient.
Close to half of the respondents only have a single form of design education, at 51.4%.
Getting more than one type of design education is not as popular. Only 17.3% have undergone two types of design education.


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