• It is common to negotiate for pay. Most are confident to do so.
  • Majority feels they are paid fairly regardless of levels or work effort.
  • People feel they know the market rate. However, they feel that there’s a lack of resources to learn about it.

Did you negotiate?

While over half of the respondents reported negotiating for their compensation, almost 40% of the respondents did not. This could suggest that some designers are either uncomfortable with negotiating or are satisfied with the initial compensation package offered by their employer.
Approximately 56% of the respondents negotiated for their current total compensation, while 38% did not negotiate, and 4% indicated that the question did not apply to them.

Compensated fairly for role and level

People slightly agree that they are paid fairly for their current roles and level.
Most respondents (around 61%) do not strongly agree or agree that they are compensated fairly for their role and level, with almost half of the respondents selecting a neutral rating of 4 or 5.
The average score is 4.57 out of 7. This means that, on average, respondents are slightly more positive than negative about their compensation.

Market rate awareness

People slightly agree that they have a good understanding of what the market rate looks like.
Most of the respondents agree or strongly agree that they have a good awareness of the market rate for someone at their level. This is reflected in the average score for this question is 4.71 out of 7.
However, a significant portion of respondents (about 32.4%) still have differing views or are unsure about their awareness of the market rate for their level. Specifically, ten respondents strongly disagree, 21 respondents disagree, and 34 respondents are neutral or unsure.
This suggests that while the majority of respondents feel confident in their knowledge of market rates, some feel strongly on both ends of the spectrum.

Resources to stay informed

People disagree that there are good resources to learn about the market rate.
Around 54% of respondents (combining responses of 1 to 3) disagree or strongly disagree that there are enough good resources available.
In comparison, only 32% of respondents (with reactions of 5 to 7) agree or strongly agree that enough resources are available.
The average response score is 3.86 out of 7, which suggests that the respondents are leaning towards a neutral sentiment about the availability of resources to stay informed about market rates.

Negotiation confidence

Most people agree that they are confident to negotiate.
Seventy-three respondents strongly agreed that they feel confident and informed enough to negotiate their next offer.
In addition, most of the respondents have some level of confidence in their negotiation skills, which can be a positive factor in salary and compensation negotiations.

Fair pay for work

People slightly agree that they are paid fairly for their work effort.
Similarly to the levels, most people feel they are paid fairly for their effort at work.
The trend suggests that the majority of designers do feel that they are paid fairly.


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