• There are a number of variety of titles, almost all contains β€˜design’.
  • Close to half of the titles indicate job levelling.
  • Majority are individual contributors.
  • Two-thirds are focused on product design as the primary area of work.
  • Nearly half have 6 or less years of design experience.


Designers with a variety of titles across the board.
Among all job titles, the most frequently mentioned in the survey was 'Product Designer', making up 10.2% of the total. The next two most common titles were 'UX Designer' and 'UI/UX Designer'.
Interestingly, almost 90% of all titles included the term 'design', with over half (50.7%) featuring 'UX', and 25.3% having 'UI' in the title.
Additionally, around 40.8% of the job titles indicated varying levels of seniority.

Level of seniority

Majority of practitioners are Individual Contributors.
Among all respondents, the most common level of seniority was Junior IC, accounting for 31.3% of the total. Mid-level IC and Senior IC were also prevalent, with 23.5% and 22.3% of respondents, respectively.
For management roles, 13% of respondents held positions such as People Manager, Director, or Vice President.
Notably, the vast majority of respondents (87%) held individual contributor roles.

Primary area of work

Predominantly product design focused.
Product Design emerged as the most prevalent job function, accounting for 67.5% of all respondents in the survey.

Years of design experience

Relatively new to the design industry.
Nearly half of the respondents (48.4%) reported having little to some years of design experience. The majority of these respondents (22.9%) had only one year of design experience.

Years of design experience x total working experience

Transitioning into the design industry.
Most people have more working experience than design experience.
The median for total working experience sits at 10, whilst the median for design experience sits at 6.
Generally, there is a steady trend of respondents having more working experience than design experience.
This suggests many people have worked in other industries before moving into design.


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