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"Product Designer" was the most popular job title which makes up 25.3% of the total number of respondents, followed by "UX Designer" and "UI/UX Designer".
It is also interesting to note that senior roles such as "Senior Product Designer," "Senior UX Designer," and "Senior UI/UX Designer" make up a significant proportion of the respondents, totaling almost 25% of the total responses.
This suggests that experienced designers are more likely to participate in salary surveys, possibly due to a greater interest in career advancement and compensation.
Some job titles had very few responses, like "UX Writer" and "Head of Product Design".
This may be due to these roles being less common or not as well-known within the industry, or they may be specific to certain regions within Asia.

Level of seniority

When breaking down the level of the design roles across Asia, participants weighted towards describing their role as Junior individual contributor(36.14%), Mid-level individual contributor (27.19%), and Senior individual contributor (25.8%).
This suggests that a lot of people in the design industry in Asia are just starting out or are in the middle of their careers. It also suggests that people at higher levels in the industry might make more money, but there are fewer of them.

Primary area of work

Product Design has the highest number of respondents at 218, which represents 72.7% of the total respondents. This may suggest that there is a higher demand for product designers in the Asia region.
It is also worth mentioning that research, design leadership and management, graphic and marketing design, content design or writing, and design ops are all important areas within the design industry, but they may be less popular or have fewer job opportunities compared to product design.

Level of seniority x primary area of work

Majority of respondents are working in product design, followed by research and design leadership and management. There is a correlation between the seniority level and primary area of expertise, with product design being the most common area for all seniority levels except for design leadership and management, which has the highest percentage of managers.

Years of design experience

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